Summer Bordem Busters

Summer is here!! Are your kiddos already telling you they're bored? 

I put together a little chart that might help tackle Summer boredom. For the weeks with out camp, vacation, or planned activities,  I commission the help of my seven year old, to make a list of things to keep us from getting bored, especially on those rainy days stuck indoors! 

 So, with his suggestions, we can refer to our chart for some ideas of things to do at home! 

I've added something to entice them to refer to this list each day, 
 (and avoid the screen/TV time)
I'm encouraging them to check off the list each day, to earn a trip for a special treat on Fridays! 
The perfect excuse to try a new ice cream spot around town! ;) 

Hope this helps us all to keep boredom away this Summer! 
Do you have creative ideas to add to the list? Let me know. I'd love to hear them! 

Happy Summer! 

Parent's Summer Getaway in NYC

New York City, you never disappoint. With each visit, I find something else to love about you!

Our little parent's weekend getaway last Summer was amazing! Although we really missed our boys, we loved having the time together to recharge our batteries and actually talk-- with-out trying to speak over Disney Jr! 

Since I never got a chance to share the trip on the blog, here's a little recap of our quick parent's getaway to the city that never sleeps last July! 

A super early flight, allows for breakfast and coffee in the park! We didn't let a little drizzle stop us from enjoying our quiet morning in Central Park before hooking up with our friends at the hotel! 

Central Park on a rainy day, you're still beautiful! 

While we were waiting to check in, we took in the sights and a glass of bubbly, at the gorgeous Champagne Bar at The Plaza Hotel. Yes, I said The Plaza... I almost couldn't believe we were staying at this iconic, gorgeous hotel either! 

The Plaza was a dream! An absolute dream!! We were excited to be there & start this little NYC vacation! Just look at this entryway! The scent of fresh flowers followed us around every corner! 

After checking in and getting settled, and one more glass of bubbly...we were ready to check out the sights for our parent's getaway in NYC! First stop, the Brooklyn Bridge! 

In all of our visits to New York City, we hadn't the chance walk the Brooklyn Bridge & that was definetely on my to-do list! Thankfully, the whole gang was game! A quick subway ride down & we were feeling the wind and adoring the views!! The bridge is awesome. It's a must do if you visit the city! And then, find yourself a little pizza spot in the adorable Dumbo neighborhood & it will make you feel like a local! :) 

I just love this city! I always joke with my husband, that one day we'll live here... ONE. DAY. 
Until then, let's get back to recapping this wonderful trip! :) 

First night dinner, was all about fun! We were all so excited to be in the city and have some fun together. We ate a delicious Italian dinner at a nearby restaurant and walking back to the hotel, we even stumbled upon a NYC housewife, Dorinda! My friend Alicia has a great eye for spotting celebs! And I have the nerve to ask for the picture... and she was kind enough to take a few with us! Our new favorite housewife! She gave us some great recommendations for nearby spots & we ran with them! :) 

Thanks Dorinda

Day 2 in NYC brought a little rain, but that didn't keep us from exploring! 

 The hubs and I took some umbrellas and went for another walk in Central Park to the Met! I wanted to check out their latest fashion exhibit & my hubby was a trooper! I love this museum and the hidden rooftop access to catch amazing views of the city, but sadly the rain closed the rooftop. :( There's always next time!

The rain cleared up later that afternoon and we found ourselves at the park again, as we took a horse-drawn carriage to the Central Park Boathouse! I felt like we were right in the middle of a New York City Romantic comedy! A delicious lunch and scenic views, made for a beautiful afternoon! 

Before dinner, we stopped downstairs of the Plaza, to the Plaza Food Hall for some rosé and cheese!

Another fantastic recommendation, we received for a great rooftop was to the Refinery Hotel. Fantastic rooftop and views before dinner! 

The Refinery was fantastic! And it was the perfect spot to get in our last sunset in the city before heading home the next day! 

The Plaza Hotel, was amazing! Fantastic location, gorgeous building and rooms and who can ask for better company? We've been traveling with these wonderful friends together as the DAMN (Dominic, Alicia, Mike & Natassja) critics for years and we always have a fabulous time! I can't wait for the next trip! 

Until next time NYC! We've got plans for another parent's getaway to the windy city next!
Do you have recommendations for Chicago? Send them my way! I'd love your suggestions!

Last Minute Mother's Day Gifts!

99.9% of my day, I feel like I’m just winging it....  

Praying each choice made for the boys, is the right one. 

Hoping they’re kind to their friends & praying that it’s returned upon them. 

Raising little humans to be good + loving people, isn’t for the faint of heart, but its the greatest adventure!

My friends at Mom Culture feel the same. They are helping me celebrate motherhood with a discount just in time for Mother’s Day! If you’ve still got a last minute gift to buy for Mom, OR you want to#treatyoself use the code PROSE15 for a special discount for a great tee from Mom

I can’t wait to get mine! How cute is this one? Raising Gentlemen? 

I'm sharing some other last minute gifts you can order and surprise the Mom in your life with this week! Finding a special delivery on the doorstep is such a sweet surprise.

Order something for her that she won't buy for herself... spoil her this Mother's Day & treat her to that new skincare regimen from Rodan + Fields she's been after!

And the final last minute idea she'll love, is the uber popular letter board.

This one from, Letterfolk is sure to be a favorite. You might even become Mom's favorite! ;)

Whether you pick up a last minute gift or not, make sure you show her some extra love on Mother's Day! :)

Happy Mother's Day to all the wonderful Moms!