Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Prose & Co Loves Annie & Daisy Co!!

I want to share this adorable little brand I found on Instagram awhile back and just fell in love!! So whimsy & smart and just cute, cute, cute!!

As a boy Mom, I struggle finding super cute, fun & comfortable tees that aren't character tees or just super loud colors! When I found, Annie & Daisy Co, I fell in love with her designs! And after reading about her story, I knew we were like minded Moms, destined to be friends!! ;-)

Check out these adorable designs by the uber creative Mom behind, Annie & Daisy Co!

I'm totally obsessed with these cute t-shirts & love that they're designed by a Mom!!! And did I mention, they're made in NYC??

So, hop on over and check them out!

And just for you my friends, head over to Annie & Daisy Co & pick up a couple onesies or tee's for your littles & receive a special discount!!

Use the coupon code: HOORAY20 at check out & receive 20% off! 

We've got a little poll going on in my Insta-stories on which t-shirt I should order for Max, because I want them ALL...so be sure to chime in & let me know what you think!!! :)

Which one is your favorite?? I'd love to know!!

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Lego Ninjago Movie || 3 Things You Need To Know

If you have a little guy at home, chances are, you've heard of Lego Ninjago. If you haven't, you will. Lord Garmadon will make sure of it. (A little Ninjago humor) ;)

Lego Ninjago, is a popular TV series and Lego toys of teenage fighting ninjas, protecting and saving their home, Ninjago City! Like the Lego movies before it, The Lego Ninjago Movie, will inspire many little Lego fans to find their own inner 'piece' and quickly become a favorite for families and Lego fans of all ages! 

3 Things To Know About The Lego Ninjago Movie: 

  • Boys will love it. Mine are 6.5 and 3. There's ninja and kung fu fighting, but no blood or extreme violence.
  • Adults will laugh. I laughed out loud a few times actually. 
  • A positive message. The importance of courage and believing in yourself will hopefully, remain long past the movie theater. 
My boys really loved this movie. Jack, my oldest said his favorite part was all the action and the tea cup throwing! Max, my three year old said, "It was cool! More popcorn peeeesse!" :) 

And this Mom, agrees! It really was a great movie! Expect a few butt jokes and some crude humor, but the great soundtrack, 80's references & parental humor will make up for it! There's a great cast, including a cameo by Good Morning America stars in Lego form and did I mention the great music? Spoiler Alert!! Master Wu can play a mean flute jam!! ;)  We all left the theater giving the movie, two ninja thumbs up!! 

A big thanks to Legoland Florida Florida for inviting us to this early screening! I was instantly catapulted into the Coolest Mom Ever, for one night at least! :) 

The Lego Ninjago Movie, opens this Friday, September 22nd! 

Friday, June 30, 2017

The Art of The Brick

The new art scene in town...

Presented by the Vinik Family Foundation, this exceptional art installation by award winning artist, Nathan Sawaya is a must see! 

The Art of The Brick will run from June 23rd through September 4th. 

What you need to know to plan your visit: 

  • It's FREE! Thanks to the generosity of the Vinik Family Foundation!
  • No reservations are necessary
  • The exhibit will be open Wednesday through Sunday, 10 am - 6 pm
  • Parking will be available in the surrounding lots & street parking is available too!
  • Kids are welcome! (Just encourage them to be mindful not to touch the Lego art!)
The boys and I got a sneak peek before the doors opened on opening day and... 'Everything was AWESOME'!! We all enjoyed it & will be going back again very soon!! 

This cool, peace symbol, was one of my favorites! A little insider tip for you, the bricks used here, were actually Lego bricks donated from families all over the country! Instead of throwing them away, Sawaya recycled them into some of his artwork! Any piece you'll see with multi-colored bricks, are the up cycled Legos!! 

This piece, called Dinosaur, is the largest structure Sawaya has built yet. This T-Rex measures 20 feet in length and took 80, 020 bricks to build!! 

This piece, simply named, Yellow, is Sawaya's best-known piece. His inspiration, his own personal metamorphosis on his journeys. My boys, loved the explosion of Lego's in his chest! :) 

Life imitates art... These boys loved being thinkers, like our green friend! :) 

 And the best part of this exhibit for kids... The Brick Yard!! Before heading out, make time to stop and build your own Lego art! You can even leave your creation on display for others to enjoy and gather inspiration! My Master Builder, Jack proudly displayed his piece, The Mansion of the Brick.

Zeus, was specially designed for the Vinik Family by the artist, Nathan Sawaya! Go Bolts!!

The Art Of The Brick, has visited over 80 cities worldwide and now, Tampa!! Don't let the Summer get away with out a stop to this exhibit!! It's truly, amazing!! We'll be back soon to check out the pieces we missed, and maybe we'll see you there!! 

A big thanks to the friends at Art of the Brick Tampa for inviting us to enjoy a little VIP experience that day! 

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Lego Art coming to Tampa!!

Art is taking on a new shape!!! Lego bricks are taking over the art scene in Tampa!!!

 The Art of the Brick will be making a stop in downtown Tampa this Summer! This exhibit, generously presented by the Vinik Family Foundation will officially open it's doors on Friday, June 23rd and run through September 4th!

The Art of The Brick is a critically acclaimed collection of more than 100 inspiring works of art created by Nathan Sawaya and made exclusively from one of the most recognizable toys in the world: the LEGO® brick.

This incredible exhibit will be free to the public, thanks to the generosity of the Vinik Family Foundation, who brought us The Beach exhibit last year to Amelie Arena!

Stay tuned for a sneak peak & more details to plan your visit, coming very soon!!!
Follow me on Instagram/proseandcompany to catch a glimpse of the brick art, before the doors officially, open this Friday!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Family Day at Busch Gardens || Jack Hanna Weekend

As residents of Tampa, we have access to great theme parks and some of the best beaches within an hour's drive! Yes!! Love, Tampa Bay!

And Busch Gardens Theme Park, is even closer!! Only a 20 minute drive, we surprised the boys with a family day, to Busch Gardens!!
Our oldest had become a fan of Jungle "Jack" Hanna & his great show, Into the Wild! So, what better time to visit Busch Gardens than during Jack Hanna weekend!! With a huge thanks to some special people at Busch Gardens, we were able to attend a very special meet + greet brunch with Jack Hanna himself!

Our day started with a delicious brunch at Serengeti Overlook Restaurant, in the park. While we awaited for Jack Hanna to arrive we enjoyed a delicious breakfast buffet! Eggs, bacon, fruit, waffles-as big as the boy's heads, fried chicken and carving stations too! So, so good!! And you couldn't beat the view! Giraffes were roaming just below us in the Seregenti Plains!

On Jack's Summer bucket list, he insisted we go to the Columbus Zoo, home of Jack Hanna ;) To our surprise, COLUMBUS ZOO came to us!! And, they brought some baby animals to play with while we waited for Jack Hanna to arrive! What a special treat!! This staff, from the Columbus Zoo, were the sweetest! We'll make it there one day, but in the meantime, we so appreciate your kindness in showing us this baby leopard & the baby fox we met that day!

Jack Hanna arrives!!! 

This boy was over the moon excited!! And I couldn't help but grin, ear-to-ear, watching this interaction with the man of the hour, Jack Hanna! He spent a good amount of time with us,  giving our Jack some tips for when we do make it to Columbus Zoo one day & even tried to sneak a blueberry from Max's plate! He was exactly as you see him on his show, genuine and kind!

After brunch, we walked to the Stanleyville Theater inside Busch Gardens to catch Jack Hanna's live show with many of his favorite animals. It was super cool to see, a baby sloth, a giant chameleon and even adult cheetahs purring over the microphone!


We spent the rest of the afternoon roaming around the park! We rode the train and saw lots of animals! We watched crazy people ride scary roller coasters & even got soaked just watching SheiKra!!

For a moment, we thought we stumbled upon Te Fiti, from Disney's, Moana!

What an awesome time we had exploring Busch Gardens and meeting Jack Hanna! If you haven't visited Busch Gardens, or it's been a while, grab the kiddos and plan your visit soon! So many great things to check out! And, with the Preschool Card, your littles under 5, can get in free! Be sure to visit the link for more information!!! 

Hope you're enjoying your Summer! 
Stay tuned for some more family activities coming your way soon!!! 
Again, a very special thanks to the special people at Busch Gardens for helping to organize this great family day!! 

**All opinions and photos are my own. 
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Sunday, May 21, 2017

The Summer Jar || Latest Post for Mommy Spot Tampa Bay

Summer is fast approaching!! Are you ready??

I recently shared a super easy project you can do with the kiddos to help plan activities all Summer long and keep boredom at bay!

Hope on over to  Mommy Spot Tampa Bay to read the full post!

And if you've got fun ideas for Summer, share them with me! I would love to hear them! As moms, we need all the help we can get!! Happy Summer friends!! :) 

Monday, April 24, 2017

My Hero Mom || A Mother's Day Contest

There's a woman that constantly inspires you... She puts others before herself. She's up way past everyone else, folding tiny clothes and washing that pile of dishes, all in preparation for the next day to do it all again, tirelessly with love + grace...and you wonder, how does she do it all? When does she rest?

Do you know an amazing mother, friend, aunt, that deserves a very special token of gratitude for all that they do?

I know many and I'm always inspired by those women in my life, which is why, loving on those special women is so important to me!

#MyHeroMom Contest

I'm thrilled to be sharing this very special Mother's Day contest with you! Tampa Bay Parenting along with The Grand Beauty Spa want to hear about that woman that inspires you!!

Visit Grand Beauty Spa/My Hero Mom and nominate a deserving mom!
She could win a spa day for two!

Two lucky moms {and a guest each} will be treated to a fabulous spa day at The Grand Beauty Spa on Saturday, May 13th.

Additionally, three other moms will be chosen as winners of a $100 gift card to the spa!

**If you know a deserving mother for this amazing prize, nominate her here! **

They are certainly not looking for the perfect mom, {because none of us are} but they want to hear about them all! A panel of judges will be sharing some of their favorites around Mother's Day. The last day for entries is May 1st, at 10 pm (EST)

Cheers to all the all the amazing mothers out there, I send you love and a whole-lotta thanks for all that you do!

And don't forget, you can still treat a mom or a friend at the Grand Beauty Spa even before Mother's Day! Use the special code: TAMPABLOGGER + give them my name (Natassja) when you reserve your appointment & you'll have 10% off your service!

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Monday, April 17, 2017

The Grand Beauty Spa || A Mom's Oasis

It's not always easy to make time for yourself, at least it's not for this Mommy. Like many mothers I know, we are most often at the bottom of the priority list. Not because we choose to neglect our self-care, but because we are serving our families and just, forget!

Blame it on the "mom brain" or just lack of time with a busy family, but I'm learning, that giving myself that much needed break every now and then, is important! When I'm feeling drained and tired, my family isn't getting me at my best! But, when I do pencil that time in for myself,  I'm left feeling refreshed and relaxed, in turn, better prepared to tackle that mountain of toys or laundry, and work that I left behind!

Feeling refreshed and relaxed...isn't this every mother's dream?

Last week, I had the privilege of visiting The Grand Beauty Spa, here in Tampa to check out what this luxurious beauty spa had to offer! With Mother's Day quickly approaching, I was making a mental 'wish list' for all the treatments I wanted to try!! Manicures, pedicures, facials, and body wraps...oh my! I was in for a massage, and boy was I excited!!

Seriously, this place was beautiful! I was welcomed by the kindest staff, given a tour of the beautiful salon & service rooms, multiple lounge areas and then, we stepped outside and I was pleasantly surprised by a perfect-little hidden sanctuary, complete with lounge swings and small waterfalls. I couldn't wait to change into my robe and start relaxing!!

A quick change in the ladies lounge and completing my service questionnaire, I traveled upstairs {via the cute elevator by the way} and was greeted by my masseuse, Bruce. A few minutes in another chic lounge area & I was escorted to enjoy the signature, Grand Massage!

After my wonderful massage, I was feeling rejuvenated and ready to enjoy some quiet time in the tranquil space outside. Along with my glass of champagne, I was soaking it all in. Just me, the beautiful light from the sunset, the sounds of the waterfalls and a magazine...a perfect, mom's oasis.

This experience, at The Grand Beauty Spa, from start to finish, was perfection. I didn't want it to end!

I had my very own, "ah-ha" moment while in the steam room. I learned about their Grand Membership Program & I couldn't stop thinking about it! With a Grand Spa Membership, I would have a special spot and committed time, a few times each month for "ME" time! This is definitely something, this mama could use!! Taking my relaxation to the next level!!!! YES!! :)

There are a few membership choices, so to figure out which membership at The Grand Beauty Spa, would be perfect for you, be sure to check them out below! {This is also a perfect page to leave open on your computer for the hubby to see! wink, wink }

Grand Memberships

I hope you'll find some time to carve out for yourself soon. Moms need a time-out too!
As a special treat, I'm sharing a special promotional code with you to check out this gorgeous spa for yourself!

Visit Grand Beauty Spa and use the code TAMPABLOGGER + give them my name & you'll get 10% off services!

Grab your girlfriends, grab your daughter or mother, or go solo!! It's beautiful and the wonderful staff will take such great care of you & will show you exactly, #Howtograndspa!!! Be sure to include plenty of time to put your feet up after wards and enjoy that quiet oasis with a glass of bubbly!!


I'll be sharing an exciting contest coming up with The Grand Beauty Spa and Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine for Mother's Day, so stay tuned for that!! #MYHEROMOM

#HowtoGrandSpa #sponsored #ad

Note: My spa service was complimentary for purposes of this review. All opinions are my own. 

Prose & Co Loves Annie & Daisy Co!!

I want to share this adorable little brand I found on Instagram awhile back and just fell in love!! So whimsy & smart and just cute, cut...