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Summer Bucket List | Family Edition

I can not believe the school year is almost over! Can you?

Summer is upon us!!!

Our big guy Jack will be a rising third grader!
And our little guy, Max will be joining his big brother in elementary school as a Kindergartner! 
I just can't believe it.

Excuse me while I just cry my eyes out over how big my boys are and how quickly time passes.

On a lighter note, we're working on something fun for the family, a Summer Bucket List!  Do you have one? If so, what kind of things are on your list?

We've got a few things planned. Some fun camps for the boys, some Disney days and a lots of family time when we go on vacation! 

When we asked the boys to share their ideas for a Summer bucket list, they were so excited! This made me wish I had asked sooner because they gave some of the sweetest answers. We learned so much about the things they have been wanting to see and do for a long time!

Here are some things we asked the kiddos to get the creative ideas flowing!

Any places you want to see?
New things you want to try?
What's your favorite thing we do as a family?
Anything you want to learn about?

    We had a great time talking about these plans and wrote down some things for our very own family bucket list for the Summer! We even talked about bigger bucket list goals... I really hope a trip to space happens for my little dreamers! 

    I'm sharing the start of our bucket list below. What items would be on your list?

    Mother's Day | Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine

    I recently received a pretty big honor in this crazy, momlife, blogger world... 

    I was nominated to be in a special Mother's Day issue of Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine

    To say I was excited, is an understatement!! I knew my closet friends and family cheered me on, reading my blog and following our family's adventures, but when the editor contacted me to tell me they wanted to share my little blog with all of Tampa Bay, made this little project all worth while! 

    My kiddos don't care about the perfect shot or the pretty Insta-feed, they just want to have a good time, and they are the reason I stared this blog! So, we'll keep doing fun things and sharing them with you. 

    I'm so very honored to be included in the inspiring list of moms in this Mother's Day issue. 

    Thank you Tampa Bay Parenting Magazine for this honor! 

    If you haven't seen a hard copy of the issue, you can check out the digital copy here.

    RunDisney | Star Wars Race Weekend

    In a galaxy not so far away... 

    Our first RunDisney Star Wars Kid Dash was upon us.  Our boys were so excited but I didn't know what to expect, but thanks to some friends who did, they helped us plan and prepare for an EPIC time! Here's a look at our great day at the Star Wars Kid Dashes! 

    Bright & early at ESPN's Wide World of Sports on race day the boys were excited to run in their first races, but not before we tracked down some Star Wars characters in the Expo Hall! 
    Max was convinced that Chewbacca was racing with him! (Spoiler Alert- He did not, but MICKEY did!) 

    Warm-up, race, repeat! And then get a very special treat!!

    The GoGo Squeeze Team held super fun warm ups and games prior to the race start. They also had lots of tents for shade and water coolers available all over to cool down from the very warm day! 

    A photo finish!! Jack ran his little heart out! The boys ran the 100 meters together (a few times) thanks to some sweet friends at GoGo Squeeze! And then Jack ran the 200 meter with the older kids & came in second place during his heat! 
    And Max, was excited to give Mickey a big hug on the track after running to get his medal! 

    Water to hydrate & GoGo Squeeze to snack on after the race! 

    And we had to reward these boys with an ice cold, snow cone for the great job they did on the track!!

    Thumbs up for a job well done & a super fun time at the Kid Races! 

    Showing off their medals before going in to the RunDisney Expo Hall for some more fun and to cool down! It was a pretty hot day! 
    In the Expo Hall, fans can find exclusive race weekend merchandise, special themed snacks and all kinds of exhibitors from the run & nutrition world, plus... a few visitors from another galaxy! ;)

    We had the best time at the RunDisney Star Wars Rival Run Weekend, we can't wait to plan the next one! Mom & Dad might also tackle a race next year! 

    We had a blast cheering on the boys & GoGo Squeeze put on a fantastic event! We were so grateful they were so kind to us during our visit! Thanks so much team GoGo Squeeze! 
     We'll definitely be back next year for Star Wars Race weekend 2020! And maybe the boys will be inspired to dress up as their favorite characters! 

    For more information on next year's Star Wars Rival Run, be sure to visit RunDisney.com

    **All photos are the property of Prose & Company and opinions are my own. 

    Earth Day

    We took to the streets for Earth Day and did a little clean up with some class mates from school! 

    Jack has always been conscientious about our neighborhood and would often take walks with Dad to pick up trash along the streets. So when I told the boys that we were going to participate in a clean-up after school, I was so proud they were game for it! 

    We made sure to wear gloves and picked up trash along the banks of a parking lot and streets. We even recruited some friends to join us. I was so proud of the boys for being such troopers and they even continued their efforts once we got home & collected some trash along our own neighborhood street. 

    What you can do:
    Take to the streets in your own neighborhood or local park! I just recommend having gloves to protect those little hands & bring plenty of trash bags and maybe even bins to recycle the plastic you might find along the way! And recruit some friends to make an impact together! 

    Let's make everyday, Earth Day!

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