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New Year, Better Mom

Happy New Year, friends!

I hope the busy month of December treated you well as you spent time with your families and wrapped up another year! How have you been?

As we start a fresh new year, I was thinking of resolutions, or goals I'd like to set for myself & the family. What goals are you aiming for in the new year?

I want to be a better mom.
I want to do less nagging & yelling and more fun & spontaneous adventures with my crew.

I want to do better about being present with my kids!

My oldest son's birthday a couple of weeks ago, in between the hustle and bustle of the holidays, really hit me hard. He turned 8. EIGHT! I know, I know, it's a little dramatic, he didn't turn 16 or anything, but I know that's not far off! (insert ugly crying face here)
He's growing faster than I can keep up, and I just wish I could freeze time. (Every mother's wish, right?)

I want to try to really savor the moments I have with my kids, especially while they're l…

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