Monday, January 28, 2013

I'm a Guest Blogger!

I was recently invited by my insanely beautiful and talented cousin, Tabitha, to contribute to her very adorable blog, Inspired By Giving.

I wanted to share this exciting news with everyone! I'll be sharing a few ideas and stories with her readers from time to time, so...I highly recommend, you visit her blog and etsy shop today!

She's uber talented and I'm so excited to share her success with you!

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Tiny Tots Valentine's Party

I wanted to share the love of this fun holiday with Jack, so it seemed like the perfect reason to have a party!

I'm sharing pictures from our {Tiny Tots Valentines Party} I hosted last year for Jack and his little buddies & some Mom friends! We had a lovely day and made some pretty cute cards for the Daddys for Valentine's Day.
The best group shot we could get that day!

What party is complete with out a little kiddo photo booth?DIY style!

The photos taken were used in the handmade cards made for Daddys and Grandparents! I took wrapping paper, I found in the dollar spot @ Target and taped it to the wall, making an instant Vday photo backdrop! Made the little quote bubbles & viola! Simple DIY photo booth!

Now, onto the Valentines! 

After the mini photo sessions, we made "Wear-a-Hug" cards for our Valentines! We used fingerpaint to make the toddler handprints, then glued them to strips of colorful paper, big enough to wrap around our Daddy's arm, ahem...muscles! :)
 Jack and I made one ahead of time to share the project with everyone! What do you think? 

To see the original Pinterest inspiration, visit here!

Sweet Treats

After we made our Valentines, it was time for a sweet treat! We had a little snack bar of Valentine goodies to share with our friends! 

Everyone brought a little treat to share! 
It was a great afternoon with friends, although much of the time was spent chasing after a room full of 1 year olds! 
We sent our friends home with a little bubble Valentine to thank them for coming! 

I hope this inspires you to do something fun with your friends and/or little ones on Valentine's Day! 
Thanks for stopping by & if you have suggestions for other cute Valentines, please share! I'm always looking for  inspiration for this year's party!! 

Thursday, January 17, 2013

Sick Day Picnic

I've got a little boy, under the weather today, so we are snuggling a lot and this Mommy is giving in to a double feature of Disney movies.

As I was making Jack's lunch today, the idea popped in my head to give Jack, an indoor picnic! I thought this would lift his spirits from feeling yucky, at least during lunch!! (And secretly, hoping he would eat something more substantial!)

After making our sandwiches and gathering our snacks, I opened the windows and laid down a blanket. I called Jack in, and asked him if he wanted to have a picnic with Mommy? "Oh yes!" he said. And so we did.
Yes, he insists on wearing his "piwet" hat! :) 

Even Winston joined us for our picnic! 
As I watch my sweet little boy today, I am reminded how blessed I am that our little guy, is usually, healthy and happy and full of energy. I'm grateful to God that our days are normally filled with noise, trucks, painting, and some snuggling, when he takes a minute to stop an give his Momma a kiss.

Thanks for reading & hope this inspires you to have a little indoor picnic every once in a while!!!

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Christmas, toddler style!!

This was definitely a December to remember!! We had so many fun things to do in the month of December that I can't blog about it all, but I will share our holiday play date we had with our buddies. Jack and I co-hosted a holiday-ornament-making play date with our friends. And as you know, we like to make any and all get-togethers, special. This one, was no different. :) We were celebrating Christmas! Toddler style!! 

We had some friends over for breakfast and made Christmas ornaments with the kids! Thank you again Stephanie for supplying all the craft supplies and project ideas! And both, Kim & Stephanie for bringing over delicious breakfast treats!

Jack, Addi, and Austin making ornaments! 

We made candy cane beaded ornaments. We also made a huge mess!! 
Some of the yummy snacks we had! 

The kid's thumb prints reindeer ornaments. Jack  was the first to break one! :)

All the kiddos went home with cookies made  by Stephanie & Addi!

A big thanks to our little pals and their mommies for coming over to celebrate!! 

Gasparilla Children's Parade

Just when you start having the holiday blues from all the fun and excitement we had in December, it goes away fast when we start to see sign...