Sick Day Picnic

I've got a little boy, under the weather today, so we are snuggling a lot and this Mommy is giving in to a double feature of Disney movies.

As I was making Jack's lunch today, the idea popped in my head to give Jack, an indoor picnic! I thought this would lift his spirits from feeling yucky, at least during lunch!! (And secretly, hoping he would eat something more substantial!)

After making our sandwiches and gathering our snacks, I opened the windows and laid down a blanket. I called Jack in, and asked him if he wanted to have a picnic with Mommy? "Oh yes!" he said. And so we did.
Yes, he insists on wearing his "piwet" hat! :) 

Even Winston joined us for our picnic! 
As I watch my sweet little boy today, I am reminded how blessed I am that our little guy, is usually, healthy and happy and full of energy. I'm grateful to God that our days are normally filled with noise, trucks, painting, and some snuggling, when he takes a minute to stop an give his Momma a kiss.

Thanks for reading & hope this inspires you to have a little indoor picnic every once in a while!!!


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