Gasparilla Children's Parade

Just when you start having the holiday blues from all the fun and excitement we had in December, it goes away fast when we start to see signs of the biggest annual event in Tampa... Gasparilla Season!!!

Driving down any neighborhood street in South Tampa, you'll find homes adorned with colorful feathers + sword wreaths and pirate flags displayed proudly, marking the start of the pirate invasion!

Like many parents of little pirates in Tampa Bay, we start counting down to the Gasparilla Children's Parade! The special alcohol-free, family friendly parade, just for the KIDS, is always a blast! But not many know of the smaller parade just before the children's parade begins, better known as the Preschooler's Stroll.

The Preschooler's Stroll is the chance for kids 5 and under, and families,  to walk a shorter version of the parade route in their decorated wagons, scooters and even homemade pirate ships! It's a lot of fun! This year marked the 2nd year my family participated in the Preschool Stroll with friends! And this year, we turned it up!! We were sailing the high seas at a chance to win 'Best In Show'!

Our super Dads worked many late nights to build the kids this fantastic custom pirate ship! The kids helped to paint, and the Moms worked on the finishing touches!

It's bad luck to have a ship with out a name, right? So we appropriately named our ship, "Krewe of Best Mateys"

We didn't come home with the Best-In-Show prize this particular year, however our little pirates had the best time and brought home lots of treasure from the parade afterwards! So, next year... grab your wagon and family and sign up for the stroll! The kids argh going to love it! Be sure to check back next year at the pre-schooler's event page to register your krewe to sail in the preschooler's stroll!

Happy Gasparilla Tampa! Until next year! We ARGH coming for that Best-In-Show next time!!! :)

This picture above, was our first year, the following year... we were awarded, BEST IN SHOW! :) And we ARGH coming to defend our title this year!!

Hope to see you Mateys at the Gasparilla Children's Parade this year!!!


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