The Art of The Brick

The new art scene in town...

Presented by the Vinik Family Foundation, this exceptional art installation by award winning artist, Nathan Sawaya is a must see! 

The Art of The Brick will run from June 23rd through September 4th. 

What you need to know to plan your visit: 

  • It's FREE! Thanks to the generosity of the Vinik Family Foundation!
  • No reservations are necessary
  • The exhibit will be open Wednesday through Sunday, 10 am - 6 pm
  • Parking will be available in the surrounding lots & street parking is available too!
  • Kids are welcome! (Just encourage them to be mindful not to touch the Lego art!)
The boys and I got a sneak peek before the doors opened on opening day and... 'Everything was AWESOME'!! We all enjoyed it & will be going back again very soon!! 

This cool, peace symbol, was one of my favorites! A little insider tip for you, the bricks used here, were actually Lego bricks donated from families all over the country! Instead of throwing them away, Sawaya recycled them into some of his artwork! Any piece you'll see with multi-colored bricks, are the up cycled Legos!! 

This piece, called Dinosaur, is the largest structure Sawaya has built yet. This T-Rex measures 20 feet in length and took 80, 020 bricks to build!! 

This piece, simply named, Yellow, is Sawaya's best-known piece. His inspiration, his own personal metamorphosis on his journeys. My boys, loved the explosion of Lego's in his chest! :) 

Life imitates art... These boys loved being thinkers, like our green friend! :) 

 And the best part of this exhibit for kids... The Brick Yard!! Before heading out, make time to stop and build your own Lego art! You can even leave your creation on display for others to enjoy and gather inspiration! My Master Builder, Jack proudly displayed his piece, The Mansion of the Brick.

Zeus, was specially designed for the Vinik Family by the artist, Nathan Sawaya! Go Bolts!!

The Art Of The Brick, has visited over 80 cities worldwide and now, Tampa!! Don't let the Summer get away with out a stop to this exhibit!! It's truly, amazing!! We'll be back soon to check out the pieces we missed, and maybe we'll see you there!! 

A big thanks to the friends at Art of the Brick Tampa for inviting us to enjoy a little VIP experience that day! 


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