The Cupcake ATM is here!!

I love a good cupcake!! And naturally, so do my boys!! We got the chance to sneak a visit to Sprinkles Cupcakes here in Tampa at Hyde Park Village  earlier this year before they opened! We've been big fans ever since!! To read more about that visit check it out here!

At the time Sprinkles opened, their cupcake ATM wasn't quite ready...but finally; The long awaited cupcake ATM was open!

With my sidekick, Max in tow, we hit the ATM! We got a sweet treat instead of cash!!! :)

{Scroll to the bottom and you'll see our turn at the ATM, featured on the news!}

Sprinkles ATM will be open 24/7 and will be stocked with fresh cupcakes a few times a day to ensure their delicious cupcakes are available, around the clock! To celebrate their grand opening of their cupcake ATM, they've hidden a $100 gift card in one of the boxes sold from this ATM!!!! So, you better get down there & give this cool thing a try!!

We didn't find a hidden gift card in our box, but we sure did enjoy this delicious cupcake! We {correction, Max} chose the lemon cupcake this time & it didn't disappoint! :)

For more on our visit to the new cupcake ATM, check out our Insta-stories on Instagram! You can also read the feature on Fox News 13!


It's finally here: Sprinkles, the South Tampa cupcake store, opened its long-awaited 'cupcake ATM' where you can buy cupcakes at any time of day or night.
Maybe we'll see you in line for a sweet treat soon!!


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