Start of School Interview

Photo credit: Tammie Bishop 

Our house has started a whole new routine. Our new Kindergartener is enjoying his new school! Mommy and little brother, we are still hanging out in big brother's room, counting down the minutes until pick up time! We miss our Jack.

Photo credit: Tammie Bishop 

To mark the start of school I wanted to interview Jack with some questions to save in his journal. I will be so curious to see how much his opinions and thoughts will change after his year of Kindergarten, if at all!

To read the whole story, hop on over to Mommy Spot Tampa Bay! I also made a cute printable to share, so you can do this fun interview with your kiddos!

Photo credit: Tammy Bishop 

I hope the school year is starting out great for each of you!! Don't forget to print out your interview page! I'd love to hear about your kiddo interviews too! :)


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