Mommy's Trifecta & The Fall Fashion Show

Mom-my Tri-fec-ta: A Mom's night out, enjoying delicious food & drink, AND indulging in some retail therapy...all in ONE place!!

Every Mother needs a little R & R! We don't always allow time for ourselves to do so.... Or if we do, we feel guilty for taking that time away from other priorities... Well, I'm learning, a rested Mommy, is a happy Mommy! I was lucky enough to get the "Mommy Trifecta" as I like to call it and wanted to share it with you!

Here's a look at the Fall Fashion Show I participated in last week, hosted by Mommy Spot Tampa  & a great boutique in Hyde Park Village ,  Don Me Now ! They invited Moms of all sizes and even featured a couple cute preggos to model the newest Fall looks; Encouraging us all to get out of the yoga pants and into something that made us feel beautiful!!

Make up application before the show! Made us feel like stars! 

Backstage with all the Mommy models before starting the show! 

I was styled in a chic black jumpsuit and this beautiful necklace! The hat, was separate, but instantly loved it! 

All mommy models with the founder of Mommy Spot Tampa, Christina 
Big thanks to this sweet pal who came to cheer me on!! 
It was a fabulous night! Don Me Now styled all the Moms to perfection! If you haven't been to this boutique in Hyde Park Village , be sure to stop by! They have really great stuff and you'll love Danielle & her staff of stylists!

I didn't get any photos of the delicious food and drinks they had for the event, but trust me, these girls knew how to throw a party! 

Check back with me or visit Mommy Spot Tampa directly for more of their fabulous events coming up! You might see an article or two from me, coming up on their site soon! :) XO! 


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