Back to school, but first PLAY!

We're all in the swing of getting organized for school to begin again, but I wanted my boy to have one final play date with a few of his best buds before they each start their year of VPK, so we hosted a little party!

I love any reason to have a party and decorate! So, I quickly made this cute little alphabet banner from old scrapbook paper I had & then found these pencils by googling pencil clip art! I think it turned out pretty cute! My sweet boy liked it, so I'm happy! :)

Jack's pals enjoyed lunch & snacks together {Thanks TJ's for these adorable alphabet cookies!}

These guys (and our one and only gal, missing that day) have been pals since before they were crawling. As busy as our schedules get, the wonderful Mommas to these kiddos and I, always make the effort to keep their friendship strong! Here's hoping their friendship continues as they grow! Going on 4 years strong!

Baby bros joined in on the fun too, even though, they were pushed aside by the big boys, these guys will keep us company while we wait for big brothers at school! 

My little VPK-ers didn't leave with out a little treat to wish them a great year! Happy back-to-school! Hope it's an awesome year!!


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