The Night Before Father's Day

I've taken a hiatus from blogging, but I'm just having too much fun with my little boys to keep up! :)

I wanted to share though, something sweet on this evening before Father's Day...

As you might know already, we make a huge deal for birthdays in our house! Like, week-long celebrations and half-birthdays, and special traditions I hope will continue for many years... Father's Day is also a special holiday in our house! Celebrating the DAD in our house, deserves a week long celebration too! So, if you haven't guessed it.. We've been celebrating FATHER'S DAY WEEK in the Prose house!

We decorated the house with a homemade banner and surprised Daddy with treats each day. The treats were simple, small gestures to show our appreciate for him. We gave him snacks he loves, homemade awards or presents, favorite meals, all leading up to his special day, on Sunday. And before bed tonight, we read a special book we've had now for a couple years.


This is the cutest little book and we've made it a tradition for Daddy to read it at bedtime on the night before Father's Day each year! And this year, he read it to both our boys! Max didn't quite sit still for story time, but we all enjoyed it together! I found this book at Pottery Barn Kids, 2 years ago, but lucky for you, it's on Amazon! Pick one up for  your family here!

I hope you continue enjoying a sweet weekend with your families and spoil Dad tomorrow! Happy Father's Day to my love, our boys are very lucky to have you as their Daddy, aka 'Best Buddy'.


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