How did that happen??!?!

How in the world, is it already January? Errr.. February?!?! {Clearly, I've missed a bit of blogging!!}
How is it 2015?
Was it not just Halloween?? Christmas at least!!!
I know, I can't be alone in this feeling!
Well... I suppose I'll get on board & flip the calender to February....Yikes!

A quick recap of our final month of 2014, Jack's 4th birthday and the start of 2015!

We had a lovely December with our boys! Max's first Christmas and celebrating Jack's 4th birthday on a family road trip to see snow!

Our big boy turned 4! All he kept asking for was snow, so we made sure this sweet guy got his wish!!!! 

We drove to Stone Mountain, just North of Atlanta and enjoyed every minute of their Snow Mountain, complete with sledding, tubing, and a smores station! It was the most perfect day to celebrate our perfect little guy, Jack. Our first little road trip with our family of four was an absolute blast. We continued on to Savannah for a day, then finished in Jacksonville to spend the New Year with friends, closed out 2014 perfectly. 

I'll leave you for now with these shots of my sweet littlest boy, Max. Turned 6 months in January! I'll do my best to post more frequent very soon!! :) 


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