Knock, knock...Who's there?? November! Yikes!

November is here?? What? And December will be charging on thru... busting in like Olaf, in Frozen..."Hi, I like warm hugs!" What?? Get outta here! Go back & return in a few more months!

{Can you tell I'm over the Frozen phenomenon???}

I need to "Let it Go" I suppose and just embrace the fast paced world we're living. Thank you Lord for these days. However fast you want to throw 'em at me, I'll take them because each day is a blessing. {At least that's what I tell myself after a long day of nap-strikes, diaper changes, tantrums and no lunch-break!}

It's been awhile since I shared a post, so I'll try to recap... My boys are growing big and keep me on my toes, everyday. But, I adore them. My hubby, works tirelessly for us, and we love him...and as for me, I'm the lucky one that gets paid in countless hugs, stolen flowers from the neighbor's yard, and the sound of my babies laughing, to care for them each day. Not to mention, I also wear my "mommy jewelry" aka Jack's stickers all over my body, proudly. {Even if, the Publix cashier has to point it out to me on my neck.} :)

Here's a shot of my boys from Halloween, just before heading out for our Trick-or-Treat Parade with our pals! Buzz & Woody! Max's first Halloween!!

I'll share more on my next post soon! Exciting stuff happening, finally making my pillow covers for profit!!! More on that soon!



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