Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our new normal...

Finally having Max join our family, has been an absolute blessing! We are grateful for both our beautiful boys. It's been a transition for all of us, no doubt, but we are adjusting to a new normal with our little boys. Here's a look at the first few weeks as a new family of four (+ two dogs!) :)

We had LOTS of visitors! Which I absolutely loved!
I'm not a homebody, so I loved all the visits from our wonderful friends and family! {Especially those special besties who brought over the daily Starbucks, lunch and cupcakes, they were my heroes!} :)

Grandpa, Grandma & Jack welcomed us home from the hospital! 

First newest Prose meets the second newest Prose!
Cousins visit from Texas!

We learned a new bath routine. Jack is the best helper!! 

Thumbs up, the water is ready!

I love this shot.
We watched Max sleep... ALOT.

Max smiles in his sleep all the time!

And we learned to play a little gentler, at least while Mommy held Max. {This one is a work in progress} 

All in all, I'd say we are adjusting great. We have our chaotic moments, like most families do...someone's crying, dogs are barking, dinner isn't ready yet, but we are blessed. I know say this a lot, but it's because I AM incredibly grateful for this family of mine.

I'll share photos of Max's newborn photo shoot soon!


  1. What a great post!! Love all the pictures of everyone meeting Max! But those shots of him & Jack are so precious. Golly what cuties! I love these. :-)

    1. :) Thank you! I wish I had taken more pictures of your boys when you guys were here & we had our picnic!:) Thanks for reading!


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