Welcome to the world, Max!

After 9 months of anxiously awaiting our 2nd baby to arrive, I'm happy to report, he's finally here! Ten toes, ten fingers, healthy with a head full of hair, I'm thrilled to introduce Max Stephen Prose! :)

We are totally in love especially big brother, Jack. He loves kissing his little "peanut" Max! 

Meeting Max for the first time! 
"I'll always protect you baby Max," says Jack. My heart melted. 
Our first family photo!
We had so many wonderful visitors to the hospital and it has continued through out our first week home! Thank you to all our fantastic friends and family that made it to visit and/or sent flowers, cards and food!

Heading home from the hospital! We can't wait to see big brother Jack! 

As soon as we get settled, I will share more pictures, very soon, I promise! Again, so much love to our friends and family for your continued support and love as we bring home our little peanut! Until then, here's one last photo of our newest angel... He is a smiley one! Always smiling in his sleep!


  1. Oh that last picture is so precious!!! Congratulations! My heart melted too when Jack said he will always protect Max. What an awesome family you have! Xoxo

    1. Thank you love! Jack has really surprised us with little gems like that since coming home! He loves Max so much! It's the sweetest thing! I can't wait for you to meet Max!


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