Final weeks of Baby Bump!

Ok, ok, so I've missed a few weeks, but we've been busy and I've been feeling VERY pregnant and huge! My final weeks with this giant baby bump have arrived!

On the bright side, I'm sharing some adorable photos of Jack's Big Brother class he attended a couple weeks ago! It was so sweet to watch and he's very excited to be our big helper when baby arrives!

The older siblings-in-training were given dolls to hold, burp and even change diapers! It was super cute!

Our big boy received his diploma and proved ready to be a BIG Brother!! We treated him to ice cream after class! ;) 

Now for the final weeks of my baby bump! We'll be going in for delivery at 39 weeks, so here are the last 2 week's photos! 

Check out that big-cheesy smile!! 

We are anxious and excited to meet our little baby MAX! Yes, baby Prose finally has a name!! It's been a roller coaster pregnancy with all that we've had going on, but we are truly blessed and grateful to be adding to our family! 


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