Playing catch up!

I know it's been a LONG time since my last post, but it's been a crazy month! I know once the baby arrives, it will only continue, so I'll do my best to play catch up on all that's been going on with Prose & Company!! :)

#BabyProseComingSoon (check out the hashtag on Instagram!) 

We are currently 34 weeks, still measuring ahead, but healthy! Unless baby Prose #2 decides to make his appearance early {big bro was 2 weeks early} we should expect to meet him near the middle of July! So, the countdown is on! I've got more baby belly shots coming soon too!


Most of the month of May we spent getting ready for a road trip to Chattanooga, TN for my brother in law's wedding.  My handsome guys were part of the wedding party...Mike was one of the best men and Jack, was one of the ring bearers! I've posted a sneak peak below, but visit the hashtag {#proseswed} on Instagram to see more photos! It was a beautiful wedding! Chattanooga was a great little town and we really enjoyed our stay and the chance to site see with family.

100 year old Grand Oak Tree falls on our roof! :( 

Upon our return from Chattanooga, we came home to very stormy weather. There was so much rain while we were away and it just continued.  The branches of that beautiful oak tree were so heavy from all the rain, that the tree finally snapped and fell on our roof! It was devastating, but thankfully no one was hurt. The 100+ year old live oak, did some pretty good damage to our porch and roof. It forced us out of our house for 3 days, while we waited for the tree to be removed, the electrician to repair the riser and then Tampa Electric to reconnect our power. 
We are incredibly grateful for our friends, the Drummond family, for taking us in so we didn't have to live in a hotel with a 3 year old and 2 dogs for those few days! We are still dealing with our homeowners insurance to get everything back to normal, but hopefully we'll have a new roof before baby Prose arrives! :) 

I'll post more on my growing bump, our last family trip of 3 to Disney and my beautiful baby sprinkle thrown by my sweet friends this month, so stay tuned! 


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