Emotional "Nesting" Confessions

We are nearing the end of this pregnancy. I'm thankful. I'm anxious. I'm nervous and very emotional. All "normal" feelings, right?? I hope so!

At our very first prenatal appointment months ago, my doctor said to me, "don't worry about feeling like you can't love the second as much as your first born...you absolutely will, you'll see!" How did she know this thought was crossing my mind?

Oh, how that question has been on my mind ever since...especially lately! Just the other night, I burst into tears as I was folding baby clothes. Not just any clothes, JACK'S first little clothes!! The very little jammies we brought him home in, I was holding in my hands as I teared up and cried!! How was it possible that he grew from that newborn size to the perfect little-3-year-old he is now? The time flew by in a blink, everyone said it would...and now we're about to start all over with a new baby, but why am I so teary and sad?

I'm worried about being away from Jack while in the hospital. I am nervous that Jack will miss being our "only child" and resent his baby brother. I worry that I won't remember how to care for an infant!!?! I'm hopeful that it is just pregnancy hormones getting the best of me, and that, once we hold this little "peanut" we've been waiting for, my anxiety and worry about having two babies...will just melt away.

I wanted to share my "nesting confessions" in hopes that I find out that... (a.) I'm not crazy for feeling anxious about becoming a mom of 2 and (b.)I'm not alone!  :) Please tell me I'm not crazy?? If not, just humor me! :)

In any case, I'm cherishing these last few weeks with Jack, just he and I. We're so blessed to have this time together. I can't thank my husband enough for working hard to make it possible. I do my best to remind him daily, how grateful I am.

We'll be meeting our "little peanut" in a few short weeks. Nesting will continue as I'm sure my emotional outbursts, but we are very excited to welcome our baby soon. :)

If you have advise to share about this, please do so! Email me or comment below!


  1. Oh how sweet you are Natassja! I did feel worried when we went to the hospital due with #2, how would our little J take it?? You.are.not.alone. I don't know how or why all the worries creep in, but probably because adding another little fella is such a big deal! But it will all be in the best way. Your heart is just going to melt when you hold him, and you will sigh away all those fears about loving him as much. Taking care of babies is tough, but it's much tougher the 1st time around! You're going to do amazing, and Jack is getting the best gift of his whole life, a sibling!! We are so excited, and don't feel alone, I think all those thoughts crossed my mind too! Love ya ;-)


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