Sunday, March 9, 2014

My growing baby bump!

It's my second time, growing a tiny human in my body and I wanted to do something fun to document my pregnancy this time around! With the help of my handsome guys, here's a look at my baby bump through the weeks!

Watching the number on the scale go up isn't the most fun, but it's a blessing to have this little "peanut" as Jack likes to call the baby, growing inside me. I'll never take this amazing gift for granted, but I am making a concentrated effort this time around to stay fit and eat healthy. We are all excited for the months ahead as we continue to prepare for Baby Prose #2 to arrive. 

Check back, as I'll update with more baby bump photos in the coming weeks! 


  1. aaahhhh!!! Natassja I just can't tell you how lovely you look & how much I'm just bursting about this sweet baby! I hope I get to feel those sweet kicks soon :-) I'm so just.plain.giddy! Love you- keep up the good work on the awesome pictures!

    1. Thank you so much babe! :) You are so sweet. xoxo

  2. Love it!! You look beautiful you're all baby! love you!

    1. Love you my beautiful lovie! :) xoxo Thank you!

  3. These are wonderful photos that will add to the lovely memories of waiting for baby Prose 2.0 to arrive! You look just gorgeous!

    love, love, love!

    hugs to all,



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