Buried Treasure with Pasta?

Jack loves to "search for treasure", but with out having a regular sandbox to search and dig for things, makes our game more of "hide and seek" for treasure!

We don't own a sand box, in fact, I cringe at the thought of Jack getting sandy and dirty, and really...maybe its because I'm a girly-girl, but I try to avoid sandboxes and dirt piles all together; but I know, I'll have to give in to my boy's desires to get dirty some day, just not today! :)

So, this Mommy wanted to find an alternative that would allow the same play time with trucks and digging for treasure! I searched our favorite search engine, no not google, PINTEREST and found a great and easy way to dye pasta so Jack could have colorful pasta noodles and shells to dig through!

He had a blast "painting" the pasta shells and it was super easy! For the original tutorial I followed, click here :)

We've made more since then, but this Mommy forgot to take more photos, sorry! :)


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