Rainy Day Project

Unlike my friends and family up North, we haven't had many "snow days", but we have had TONS of rainy cold days these last few weeks! I wish they were snow days instead, but I'll take some chilly weather any way I can!!

To keep my little guy busy and away from watching too much TV, we make stuff together!

This particular project was inspired by a Curious George episode we watched together one morning! George was feeding the birds at the farm & Jack said, "Mommy, can we do that?" Yes! Yes, we can, and so we did (again!) Check out our first bird feeder project here!

Use what you have!

Before we painted, I cut a round hole for the bird to be able to reach the birdseed! After letting the paint dry, I attached the baking twine for hanging & the paper straws to the bottom of the container, to serve as resting spots for the birds! {Sorry, no pics for these steps!}

The project took us a couple days. Waiting for the paint to dry and waiting for a sunny day to hang it up, didn't come easy for a 3 year old! :) We have blue-jays, cardinals & woodpeckers that fly around our neighborhood. One of these days, I'm hoping to snap a picture of our bird friends soon! Jack likes to check the window each morning to see if any birds are having breakfast!

If you make your own bird feeders, I'd love to see your pictures & I'll post to the blog! :)


  1. so cute! what fun! We love bird watching at our house too. Good Job Jack!!

    1. thank you! I know you do! Post pictures if you guys make one! :)

  2. I'm stealing this idea for the spring time!! How awesome!


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