Kid's Christmas Party!

Christmas time is the perfect time to throw a party for little ones!{Really, anytime, but it's extra special this time of year!!}This was my 2nd Annual Christmas Party for Jack's little buddies & mommy friends! I love planning parties for Jack and his buddies, down to the littlest details. I only hope that one day, he'll look back and cherishes these memories I tried to make for him with his buddies!

Here's a look at the fun day we had! Complete with cookies and milk, ornament making and a fun game! :)

First things first, CHRISTMAS SNACKS! 

Flash forward to a school lunch table? :) 
Before games & making ornaments, the kids ate a handful of somewhat healthy snacks to before diving into the SWEETS!! PB&J & fruit. was time for cookies & milk!
There's something about a fun straw that makes anything more fun to drink!
For these cute milk jars, I recycled Starbucks Frappachino bottles, wrapped with baking twine & added a fun straw! 

Game time! 

At the absolute last minute {morning of the party} I wanted to make a cute game for the kids to play. So, I cut a piece of cardboard and used brown construction paper to make antlers, drew eyes, & cut red noses out of more construction paper....Viola! Pin the nose on Rudolph! :)  

Cupcake Decorating! 

Next, it was time to let the kids go to town on the sweets! I baked special cupcakes for them to frost & sprinkle themselves. I think they really enjoyed this part! Each of them concentrating hard to decorate those yummy cupcakes! 

Buddy, our Elf, helped me decorate for the party the night before! He flew in from the North Pole & brought snowballs and snowflakes! Jack was super excited the morning of the party to find this in the kitchen! 

Some of the yummy treats we enjoyed from the party! Chocolate covered pretzels, fruit with a Heath Bar toffee dip,and delicious chicken salad croissants! 

A sweet ending! 

No party is complete with out a goodie bag! Our sweet kiddos went home with a bag of Christmas treats to hold them over until Christmas!

To decorate these treat bags, I used a cute printable I found, washi tape & baking twine!

It was a super fun day! I don't know of a better way to enjoy the holiday season! Cheers & Merry Christmas to you! 


  1. Just adorable, from the kids, to the milk bottles (great idea btw) to the goodie bags! Well done.


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