Christmas Wrap-up!

Are you thinking what I'm did Christmas come and go so quickly?

 Like most, I'm packing up Christmas decorations and putting away stockings until next year, trying to overcome my sadness that it came and went so fast. And now, just as the holidays are over, we Floridians are feeling the glimpses of winter weather that we longed for over the holidays. Either way, I'll take it!

My little guy doesn't seem to want to pack away Christmas either, he keeps requesting to hear, "Run,run Rudolph" and "Joy to the World" over and over in the car. I just smile & play it again {for the 10th time}:)

We had a wonderful holiday season, nonetheless, so it still should be shared & enjoyed! We are so grateful for the family and friends in our lives and we are truly blessed so a big thanks to you all for sharing so much love to my family during this Christmas Season.

Here's a little Christmas Wrap-up for you!
Writing a letter to Santa to give him when we saw him later in the week! 
Our Elf, Buddy, returned from the North Pole & brought lots of Christmas Books!
Being ever so careful, decorating the tree! 
Who can resist a cutie in a bow tie? 
Adding the final touch. Our tree decorating went on for days! :) 
Not one broken ornament this year! Yay! 
Christmas Eve dinner with friends! 
A little gift exchange between pals! Jack was so excited to receive his very own "little Legos" like Cal's. 
After a busy Christmas Eve night, we finally got ready for bed & left freshly baked cookies & milk for Santa!

Our little guy was very excited this year! :) So much fun! 
As Christmas morning had arrived, our sweet boy was so very excited! He wakes up around 6:30 each morning, so our Christmas wish was that he'd sleep a LITTLE longer, but no luck for us, so we snuggled in bed until a little after 7 am. Then... ran into the living room to find all kinds of surprises! His little face and excitement, is something I hope to never forget. The pure joy and excitement beaming off his face is gift enough for us. :) 

Jack had recently seen the Polar Express & asked if Santa could bring him one...{3 days before Christmas!} But Santa found a way to make it happen!! It arrived straight from the North Pole with cotton candy snow!!! 
After opening presents we had a visit from Grandpa & Grandma and ate a delicious Christmas morning breakfast and opened more presents!
We had such a beautiful Christmas morning! It was soon time to clean up and get ready for more visitors as my Mom and siblings would be coming over for dinner that afternoon!
I just had to share this cute photo of my sweet in-laws! Are they not the cutest? They'll be celebrating 40 years married this year! 
Nani brought Jack Planes on DVD, which we watched right away {twice} :)
Hugs all around for so many sweet gifts for my boy! Nani gave him a real guitar, which he now refers to as his "Cello" :)

We had such a blessed Christmas. I hope each of you had a wonderful Christmas with your families and friends too!


  1. It was such a wonderful Christmas. We are SO blessed!


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