3rd Annual Trick~or~Treat Parade!!

Halloween has come and gone! {Insert sad face here} Before we are rushed into the countdown for Christmas, I certainly, don't want to skip past all the fun that Fall season brings! So, with out further delay, I'm sharing with you our Halloween Party and Costume Parade with Jack's friends a few weeks ago!

This was the 3rd year we hosted our little Halloween party and parade of kiddos to trick or treat in our great neighborhood & I hope it will continue for many years to come!!

Here's a look at the fun we had on Halloween with Jack's little buddies and their parents!

I have always enjoyed Halloween & of course, you know I don't need much reason to throw a party! Our little Trick~or~Treat Parade has been a blast in years past & this year was no different! I made plenty of little treats to enjoy before our costume parade took off in the neighborhood. Our wonderful friends also brought lots of delicious snacks to share! And of course, you know Jack's little guests didn't leave with out a special goodie bag! 
This year, I painted orange polka-dots on paper lunch bags, found a cute free printable & tied with a black ribbon. Simple & cute! Inside, we gave the kids play dough, stickers and stamps to enjoy! 
                            Now check out these little cuties in their costumes!!! 
We had a cowboy, Calvin & Hobs, Rapuzel & a cute Flamenco dancer! {Princess Aurora showed up later!}
After the door opened at this house, all the kids started following the owner inside as she went to find her candy bowl!! 
Bungalow buddies, Jack, Austin & Princess Aurora aka Addi! 
How cute is this family? Flamenco girls and their bull! Check out their family blog too, it's awesome! The Great Escape Plan 

I'm feeling blessed that we live in such a great neighborhood and grateful for friends that enjoy coming to have fun together! The kids were so much fun this year, as Cowboy Jack liked to say after EVERY house, "Ok, now to the next stop!" My heart was full, watching how happy he was. 

Here's looking forward to our costume parade next year! 


  1. Looks like so much fun! Great job!!!

    1. Thank you friend! You guys should come down 1 year and trick or treat with us!!! We'll have an extra bedroom next Halloween!

  2. LOVE it! You are so crafty! I love the bags and I love the Flamenco dancers!! Jack looks so adorable!

    1. Thank you love! The bags were fun! Jack helped me make 'em..."PO-KA dots? Why, mommy?" LOL!