Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Kid favs {Part 2}

I wanted to continue sharing my favorite kid products! Here's part 2, another creative mom makes adorable gifts for kids! Check it out!

Sarah + Abraham

Looking for adorable gifts for the kiddos in your life? Look no further and check out Sarah + Abraham! This company has a full line of colorful everyday items with a fresh take on personalization!  When I came across their adorable dinnerware featuring kid faces to match my own little tot's face, I was smitten!

personalized childrens plate | girl face

I found these cute little plates on Pinterest, featuring an illustration of a brunette boy and hoped they had a blonde one. I was pleasantly surprised! They did have one and SO much more! This little plate became another 'must-have' for my boy! I just had to have it for my little toe-head! I also knew Jack would love eating meals with his very own special plate!! And, because my boy loves spelling his name out loud... J-A-C-K! I thought I could encourage him to finish everything on his plate to find his name at meal time!! :)

After learning more about the company on their website & blog, I grew to love the products even more! I stumbled upon these cute plates and learned about the successful mom-entrepreneur, Sara, behind Sarah + Abraham. Sara, created something awesome from her passion for Christian nursery art with a modern twist into a successful line of children's gifts. Hip, hip, hooray for creative Mommies!

I love supporting small business, especially when it's of another Mommy! I adore Sarah + Abraham's products and I hope you will too! Please visit their site here & order your kiddo their very own plates or bowls, or any of their adorable gifts!

P.S. In learning about this great company, it reminded me of my crafty cousin, Tabitha & her creative projects and pretty nursery prints. All great things start with an idea & some passion. :) Check out Inspired By Giving Etsy Shop too!


  1. oh geez, thanks for throwing me in there! You're so cute! I really love these plates! I think I need some!!! Thanks for sharing!

    1. My pleasure! I had too! After reading that she began her business making nursery art! I love you!


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