Going to the farm!

"We're on the way
we're on the way
on the way to Grandpa's farm!" 

This is one of Jack's favorite songs to sing right now! And boy, was he excited when were on our way to meet our pals at Old McMicky's Farm in Odessa a few weeks ago! Thanks to a friend, we learned that Old McMicky's had a Living Social deal for a great promotion on admission to celebrate a grand re-opening of the farm! So, my wonderful Mom Group friends all bought one & planned our day at the farm! To read more about the farm's history in the Tampa Bay area, visit here!
If you don't check Living Social  or Groupon often, I totally recommend you start! It's a stay-at-home-mom's best resource for fun and unique outings while staying on a budget! Another deal site I'll recommend for the Tampa Bay area is, CL Deals. Creative Loafing, the paper, compiles a great list of local deals offered on their site daily. It was shared with me by a friend & I love getting my daily dose of deals to my favorite local eateries! Check it out today!

Now, that I've helped save you some money...Let's get back to the farm! :) Here are some pictures of our great day at Old McMicky's Farm! We had a full day of pony rides, petting farm animals, hay ride, and the kids even milked a cow!

Hay-ride anyone? 

Old 'McMicky's' had a....


Milkin' a cow!

 We ended a fun day at the farm with a perfect picnic lunch. We found a set of picnic tables to enjoy our packed lunches to bring our day to a close! The kids were getting goofy, so nap time was near!

In the middle of the beautiful property, McMicky's has a great big barn with lots of picnic tables and even a small gift shop! We found the perfect accessory for Jack's Halloween costume!

To read more about the farm, please visit their website here! Only a 35 minute drive outside of Tampa, this was a great place to visit! I'm told next year, they'll have a pumpkin patch and many more Fall activities. We look forward to another visit soon & hope you'll check it out too! 


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