Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Birthday week

In this house, as you know, birthdays are MAJOR holidays! I can't tell you when my obsession of celebrating birthdays in a BIG way, officially began; maybe it was because my own birthday felt overlooked some years falling often during Labor Day or the start of a new school year. Either way, I am determined to make the birthdays of my loved ones feel EXTRA special each and every year. I also love the excuse to decorate for a birthday party! So, onto the celebrating!!

Here's a quick look at my hubby's 'Birthday Week' :)

As we counted down on the chalkboard each day, he would find little treats each morning or evening that I knew he enjoyed. A nice chocolate, his favorite drink, or candies he loved. Each day we spoiled him with something different, something small, but a treat to show our love. 

On the actual, BIRTHDAY.....

The morning of his birthday, Jack and I let Daddy sleep in a little & started on his birthday cupcakes! 

We treated him to a breakfast donut at our favorite local eatery & ended the day with a super fun hibachi dinner with friends! 


It was fun to celebrate and surprise my hubby this week for his birthday. Jack really got a kick out of 'planning surprises' for Daddy too! 

Happy Birthday Mike! I hope you enjoyed it! 

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  1. Love it! I love the idea of celebrating them for the week! These memories will be so special for Jack ( & Mike too!) Love ya sis!


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