Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Toddler Movie Date

We'll have 5 Kid's Popcorn baskets please!?!??

One of our local movie theaters, Ybor Muvico, offered free family-friendly movies all summer long during their, Summer Film Festival . The free movies played in the mornings, a few days a week for all different ages, giving families plenty of choices to go to the movies with out putting a big dent in the wallet!

Thanks to my beautiful pal, Shauna, for sharing the news of this great program, we picked a 'toddler-friendly' feature & planned a fun day for our little tots! We took the kids to the movie in the morning, ate lunch, and then took a trolley ride with the kiddos. We chose, "Clifford's Really Big Movie" for the kids to see that morning. Clifford the Big Red Dog, popcorn, 5 kids 3 and under & a 9 month old baby sibling, oh boy....Here we go!

Here's a look at our fun day at the movies with 5 toddlers!
Moms couldn't stop giggling to snap a picture! :) 
The kids all did great during the movie! It was a first-time-movie for a few of these cuties & they were happy as could be! Who wouldn't be with a belly full of popcorn & friends to join them playing musical chairs in the seats & running in the aisle?? 

Trolley Time

After lunch, we bought tickets for the in-town trolley with the kids. If you haven't ridden the trolley or it's been a while, check out my previous post here where I share our re-discovery of the Teco Street Car Trolley. It's super fun and air conditioned, perfect for a Summer day! 
The kids were so excited! Laughing and giggling, but also fighting over the window seat or because someone wasn't giving enough space...Clearly, we were nearing nap time! :) As you can see, there weren't many other passengers & plenty of space! LOL

By the end of our fun-filled day, we had a bunch of worn out kiddos & tired mommies too, but everyone had a great time! For more info on the Summer Film Festival, be sure to click here and look for a Muvico in your area!

As always, thank you for reading my blog! xoxo, Natassja 


  1. what a bunch of cuties!! love the pics.

    1. Thank you! Most of these cuties are Jack's little buddies from my 'new moms group'. They've known each other since they were 3 months old. :) Thank you for reading!


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