Happy Half Birthday to my sweetie!

My sweet little guy arrived 2 weeks early when he was born, making his birthday, 5 days after Christmas! He was originally due, the middle of January, but he made an exciting entrance into our lives and has been our greatest blessing ever since!

I love celebrating birthdays in our house, and because my little boy will share his birthday with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I wanted to start a tradition of celebrating his half-birthday on June 30th! We held a tiny celebration {just us 3, Mommy, Daddy and Jack}with a special cupcake and balloons to give our handsome cutie some extra love. Who really needs a reason to give them extra love? We didn't, but we just wanted to treat him to something special to mark this special milestone! Our boy is 2 & a half! Woah.

A few of Jack's favorite things at 2.5 years old- 

  • Favorite snack, grapes 
  • Favorite toys at the moment, cars
  • Sometimes he goes by Capt. Hook, not Jack... LOL!
  • Favorite bedtime book, Just In Case You Ever Wonder, by Max Lucado. 
  • Loves singing, current favorite "Bah, Bah Black Sheep" 
  • Favorite thing to watch, current favorites, Veggie Tales, Monster's Inc, or Up

"When they're little, the days are long, but the years go by quick."

A sweet woman said this to me while I was trying to negotiate with Jack at the post office one day. She just smiled afterwards & sweetly tapped my shoulder. Her words stayed with me. We are so grateful to God for this smart and funny little boy, even during those failed attempts at negotiating good behavior! We are blessed beyond measure. 

As always, thanks for reading my posts. XO, Natassja 


  1. He is a true blessing! Look at that smile!! My goodness! I love this post because it focuses in on an important aspect of our lives: being grateful for our littles! We are blessed!


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