Rain, rain go away!!

We've been cooped up in the house for a few days due to our lovely Florida rain & unpredictable thunderstorms. In the meantime, I wanted to keep my boy busy and happy with out the need of movies and TV. Quite frankly, this mommy needed a break from watching Toy Story for the hundredth time! :)

He loves to 'race' his cars on my leather couch, which drives me a little crazy, so I made him a paper track to use on the floor. He owns a big floor rug track in his room, but of course, that's not nearly as fun!  We needed something new to discover and tear apart, eventually! :)

Here's what we did:
  • I took a couple pieces of large paper I had from HomeGoods {the paper they use to wrap your purchased breakables}
  • We taped the papers down to the floor & started drawing! I drew some streets and he doodled. 
  • Viola! Instant race car track for our rainy day race! 

The paper race track didn't survive much past an hour, but it gave us something fun to make together! :)

Thanks for reading! xoxo, Natassja 


  1. I need to keep this in mind for Sam. You are too creative!!

  2. You are so sweet, thank you! :) A whole new world of play awaits you when that sweet boy gets bigger!


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