Ending Mommy Wars

I just read a great article found on the Yahoo news page that inspired me to blog & share with my readers! 

Mommy Wars... You know we've all heard on the playground or maybe even secretly taken part in judging other moms, but doesn't it makes us feel like junk afterwards!?! So why does it happen? To breastfeed or not, to use cloth diapers vs. disposable, working mom vs. stay at home....the list goes on and on.

As a mother, you already deal with your own, "mother's guilt" {or at least I do} for giving yourself a break, taking a night out or even, letting them cry while you calm your nerves...Why do we add the stress of judging  fellow mother's of their own parenting choices?? Don't most of us have the ultimate thing in common?? Raising happy, healthy, well-rounded kids??

I consider myself pretty lucky to share this in common with my mommy friends; and yet, we're all different with different parenting choices we've made. But we share the ultimate goal....to be great moms to our kids. So, I've shared the link for the article below... I hope it offers some inspiration to you, as it did for me. If not, well, it serves as an interesting read, but I hope a little less judgement.

Cheers to all the wonderful moms out there, whichever way you do it! We all work hard for our babies, let's have each other's back for trying to be the best to our kids!

Click here to read the article! I would love to hear your thoughts too!

As always, thank you for reading my blog! 
xoxo, Natassja 


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