Mother's Day Tea Party

The hostess in me, loves any reason to have a party and to entertain guests. Mother's Day was the perfect occasion to have a tea party so, Jack and I hosted a Mother's Day Tea for some of our friends and their Mommies. The only down side, was not being able to share this sweet party with the all the wonderful Mommy friends & family I have, that live all over the country or couldn't make it, but I celebrate each of you, by having an extra brownie in your honor!!!! :)

Here's a look at our special Mother's Day Tea Party! 

We enjoyed an Rooibos Asian Pear Tea, with cucumber-avocado sandwiches, curry chicken salad croissants, blueberry muffins, danishes, pound cake with berries, oh and brownies too! It came together beautifully! A big thank you ladies for bringing treats to share!!  

Of course our little tots joined in the dainty-tea-party-fun! "Cheers!"

These sweet little girls couldn't get enough of all the girly-ness, while our little boys stacked the tea cups high and ate all the leftovers!  

A happy Mother's Day to all of my fabulous Mommy friends!

And this little guy... I'm so proud to be his Mommy. 

Wishing all the Mothers out there, a sweet, sweet day! Happy Mother's Day! 

xoxo, Natassja 


  1. AWW! So perfect! It looks amazing! I wish I could've been there!


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