Feeding the birds

My boy has really enjoyed watching the birds, flying all around the house these days.
I decided to make a "burd feedur" aka bird feeder with Jack, for our neighborhood birds. We have a couple of red cardinals, blue jays and a busy woodpecker that visit us daily. We haven't been able to snap a good photo of these colorful friends, but hopefully with the help of our bird feeders, they'll stay for a picture! I'm sharing our easy-to-do bird feeder so you can meet your neighborhood birds too!

Here's what  you need to make your own! 

- an empty toilet paper roll
- peanut butter to serve as glue
- a pipe cleaner for hanging
- bird seed

After spreading some peanut butter on the tp roll, we rolled it in the bird seed. 

Then we tied the pipe cleaner to the roll for hanging on the tree.

And, viola! Our bird feeder is ready for hanging and feeding the birds! 

Hoping we'll get to share some pictures of our lovely bird neighbors, but until then... 
Here's something neat Daddy found in our driveway, a baby bird egg shell!

Thanks for reading my blog! xoxo, Natassja  


  1. We have been diligently watching the rabbits in our backyard this Spring! So far we've seen "Peter Rabbit", "Polka Dot" and "Thumper". Lauren is fascinated with them! It's so beautiful to make these memories with the kids! Love the homemade bird feeder!

    1. Love that!!! Why don't you come up with a bunny treat bag for your furry friends? :) Some soil, in a pot or burlap sack & some little carrots for the bunnies! If you do, take pictures!!!

  2. There are great! Thanks for sharing!


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