Rediscover your hometown!

Looking for something new to do? 
If you're like me, I'm always up for finding new fun things to do with my family. And today, we rediscovered something fun in our city.

Our city is a growing metropolis. Tampa and surrounding bay areas are full of things to do and see! I'm happy and proud to call Tampa, home! With that said, we are pretty lucky to live only 5 minutes from the Florida Aquarium, near downtown. We visit frequently and always enjoy it This afternoon, as we were walking out from the aquarium, my hubby says, "How about we take a trolley ride?" Well, of course! Why didn't we think of this sooner?


What a great time we had! Jack loved it and we enjoyed rediscovering the streetcar system through Historic Ybor City. It was such a joy to watch Jack waive out the window and make friends with fellow trolley passengers.

If you haven't taken the trolley lately, or at all...I highly recommend that you check it out! Visit the site for more info here! My suggestion for next time, bring the camera!! My boy smiled and laughed so much, I only wish I had the good camera for these memories, but thanks save the day again!!

Here's a look at the fun afternoon we had!

Hopefully, our little trolley ride story, encourages you to find something new in your city to check out or revisit if it's been awhile!! :)

As always, thanks for taking the time to read my posts! 


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