What are "toddlerisms" you ask? Well, they are toddler words, that we as parents {or grandparents/aunts/uncles} learn to decode to better understand our little ones ever expanding vocabulary.

In the beginning, we used think, "what is he saying??" But now, we just want to record every little moment with his sweet little voice saying, "hold you, wanna hold you momma,"...... and cue the water works.  :)

I recently came across an article from Huffington Post online that inspired me to pay attention to my boy's sweet voice and his little toddler words. Be sure to visit the link below to read the article for yourself!

Here are some of my current favorites of Jack's "toddlerisms"
  • "hold you" aka I want to hug you
  • "rain in my eyes!" aka wipe my watery eyes (my boy has sensitive eyes like his mommy when he's sick or the sun in his eyes!)
  • "paydown" aka playground
  • "fends" aka friends
  • "owange-apple juice peese" aka he wants orange juice & thinks all juice is apple juice
In addition to paying attention to how he says things, I've started keeping a journal of Jack's questions, phrases, anything that makes us laugh... Here a little taste for your enjoyment!

Mommy- "Jack, would you like some carrots for a snack?"
Jack- "YES! Carwots are for bunnies."

Jack-"I want more lemons peese."
Mommy- "Lemons? You didn't have lemons? You mean orange?"
Jack-"yes! Owange"

Be sure to read The 10 Toddler Words That I Will Miss The Most. It's a great article and will make you laugh! Also, please share your little one's toddlerisms! I would love to read your toddler's famous words too!!


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