Spring Break in the Snow!!

I've taken a small break from making stuff to doing fun stuff with my guys! We returned last week from a quick getaway to the chilly North. Very chilly!! I'm talking 20s during the day! 

We tagged along on my hubby's quick business trip to Detroit, Michigan and got a chance to visit with my cousin, Tabitha and her family,a much overdue visit and wishing it could have been longer, but we enjoyed every minute!

Here are some of our fun moments during our stay!

This was Jack's 3rd airplane ride & he was great! How cute is this? 
My little guy loved pulling his suitcase! 

We've arrived, now bring on the SNOW!!!! 

Mommy? Time to play outside?
Once we arrived to my cousin's beautiful home, just outside of Ann Arbor, we were ready to play in the snow!!! All Jack kept saying was, "Play in the SNOWWWW!"  

Now for some cousin fun! 

A race around the track in the early morning, why not?? 

Jack was supposed to be Prince Charming, but poor Cinderella, he wasn't into dancing! 
We had a quick tour of the beautiful University of Michigan campus. 

We had a wonderful time visiting with family and getting a chance to enjoy some real winter weather! 

A big thanks to the Kidman family for having us! We love you guys & hope to visit again soon!! 


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