Snowy Spring Break {Part 2}

My little family had such a nice time during our Snowy Spring Break that I had to share more of our getaway!

The majority of this trip, my hubby was working, but in the evenings, we took full advantage of our time together in a new city. 

 During our evening drive to dinner, my hubby showed us the most darling little Township, called Franklin. We ate dinner at Biga, a delicious wood-burning-oven Pizzeria. Totally kid friendly & delicious! Perfect for us and our 2 year old, Mr. Personality!

We're always smitten with our little man, but so were other diners that night at the restaurant! 
 I can't say that I blame them! 

Fun time in the snow, check!
Delicious food, check!
Watch some hockey, CHECK! 

My hubby treated us to another fun evening! We toured downtown Detroit then had great time at a Red Wings game! It was adorable to watch Jack cheer for the hometown team! 

This little guy had a blast rooting and cheering at the game! 
Go Red Wings! 
But we are Lightning fans at heart!! 

Our family time together is an absolute blessing. We had such a great time during our little winter getaway, but we are glad to be home! 

Jack, didn't want to leave the snow!

Until next time Michigan! But maybe we'll visit in the Spring!! 

As always, thank you for taking the time to read my posts!


  1. What a fun trip!! Jack is adorable. Seriously. And now I want some of that pizza.

    1. Thank you so much! :) And thanks for reading!


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