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I'm so excited to be posting here today at Prose & Company! What a delight! Today I'm sharing a very simple tutorial on creating a fun matching game for your kiddos using some simple and cheap tools that you may already have! If you haven't heard of PicMonkey than girlfriend head over now to check it out! It has all the great capabilities of a larger scale photo editing system and the best part is it's extremely user friendly! Most of the actions are free but for more features you pay a small monthly fee and have access for the year!

So let's get started! First log onto PicMonkey's site and click "Create Collage".

On the left sidebar click "layouts" and select "square deal".

Pick any amount of squares you'd like. Then on the left sidebar click "images". Here is where you'll upload your images of family members.

After that "save" the image to your desktop. Then go back to PicMonkey's main page and click "Edit A Photo".

Pic Monkey Matching Game

Upload the saved image of your family members so that you can add their names.

Click "Text" to add their individual names underneath their picture. Click "save" and your ready to print!

Now the only supplies you'll need is laminating paper and scissors!


I simply laid the laminating paper over the printed collage. Then folded the access laminating paper around the back. If you want you can add another sheet of laminating paper to the back, but I just left mine as is.


Then cut out the squares into even pieces. And begin matching! IMG_1159 IMG_1306

It's a great way for the kiddos to learn who is who in the family. It works especially well for us because a lot of my family is out of state. It allows my girls to have a familiarity with them even though she doesn't see them everyday!



I hope you have fun creating this very simple Matching Game for your kiddos!

Thanks for saying hello!


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