More DIY-ing!

I can't tell you when the DIY kick first began, but it's been in full swing for the last few months. I wanted to share a few of projects with you. And, as requested, the tutorial for the jammies I made for Jack.

I've been super excited about my bench seat, cushion and headboard that I made for the kitchen, well, it's finally done! Here's the finished project! See further down for more pictures of the process from start to finish. I couldn't have done this with out the handy work of my mother-in-law, as most of you know, she's the queen of DIY projects.

I finally found a pedestal table for the kitchen, now I'm waiting for the black kitchen chairs to arrive from $2.95 shipping? What?? Awesome site. Check it out! And the frame on the wall...those were Ikea cabinet doors, I painted white & added a clip for Jack's art. We made a Halloween ghost-handprint. He loved it!
Here are a few pictures we took during the process! These projects were all made with love, not perfect, but it was fun! Even Jack helped out!
Here's how it came together:
The headboard & chalkboard were from the same piece of FashionWall board from Lowe's(I have to give credit to my mother-in-law for knowing exactly what wood to use) Lowe's cut the pieces for us to the dimensions I needed. For the headboard, we added quilt batting, fabric & used the staple gun to layer and attach. For the chalkboard, we used extra crown molding we had leftover in the shed & used that to frame out the chalkboard. Then I used chalk spray paint . Easy breezy! :) Total cost for both projects... $45!
Hope this inspires you to start those 'pinterest projects' you've been putting off or encourages you to use what you have to mix things up a little. :)
Thanks for reading and hope you enjoy!


  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this project! It turned out so amazing! You are so crafty girl! I wish we lived closer so we can do all our DIY's together!! Love ya!


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