Olympic Fever

As many of you, may already know... I have Olympic fever! I have really enjoyed watching the Olympic games this year. I've stayed up way too late watching events and I've been obsessed with all things Olympic themed on Pintrest. In the near future, I'll share the "Vacation Olympics" that I put together for all the kids on vacation with us in the Keys. Complete with events, medals and even an opening ceremony....Stay tuned!!

And for the decorating event.... Here are some contenders for gold! These are just some simple and cute ways I updated our mantle in honor of the Olympics and Team USA.

Our patriotic decor reached to the kitchen too. For the pennants, which you know I adore, I'm am always re-using Jack's birthday pennants. I folded and pinned back the colors I didn't want to show with the pennants and added plastic medals to the candles. Use what you have! Most of these things are decorations for the 4th of July, so go on...get creative!

These are simple little details, but that's what I love! Hope you enjoy reading and Go TEAM USA!


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