Thursday, September 11, 2014

Our new normal...

Finally having Max join our family, has been an absolute blessing! We are grateful for both our beautiful boys. It's been a transition for all of us, no doubt, but we are adjusting to a new normal with our little boys. Here's a look at the first few weeks as a new family of four (+ two dogs!) :)

We had LOTS of visitors! Which I absolutely loved!
I'm not a homebody, so I loved all the visits from our wonderful friends and family! {Especially those special besties who brought over the daily Starbucks, lunch and cupcakes, they were my heroes!} :)

Grandpa, Grandma & Jack welcomed us home from the hospital! 

First newest Prose meets the second newest Prose!
Cousins visit from Texas!

We learned a new bath routine. Jack is the best helper!! 

Thumbs up, the water is ready!

I love this shot.
We watched Max sleep... ALOT.

Max smiles in his sleep all the time!

And we learned to play a little gentler, at least while Mommy held Max. {This one is a work in progress} 

All in all, I'd say we are adjusting great. We have our chaotic moments, like most families do...someone's crying, dogs are barking, dinner isn't ready yet, but we are blessed. I know say this a lot, but it's because I AM incredibly grateful for this family of mine.

I'll share photos of Max's newborn photo shoot soon!

Monday, August 11, 2014

Family Fanactics!

I was recently invited to share a post about a family sports outing for , the online marketplace for all things sports fans & families need! Not only was this a great opportunity to share the site's 'Family Fanatics' campaign, but it gave me a chance to re-live the fun we had as a family at a minor league baseball game for the Chattanooga Lookouts this past May!
 {baby bro was still cooking in my belly}
Go Lookouts! is kicking off this campaign to share how families across the country spend their time together at sports events! This happens more than we think & Fanatics wanted to embrace it! We attend little league games, we cheer on our Alma Maters with our kiddos rootin' with us and for my family, we love the chance to take our little guy to live sports games! We've been blessed to take Jack to Lightning hockey games, Rays baseball games and we loved watching him play soccer this past fall! We are a sports-loving family for sure!

I'm planning on going back to to order this adorable lightning family decal  for hockey season and this USF Bulls onesie  for baby Max for football season!! Be sure to check out the site for your favorite team gear too! I had no idea they had such a large selection!! Especially for kids!
At&t Field in Chattanooga, TN 
We attended the Chattanooga Lookouts game with our entire extended family as well! It was the kick-off to a super fun wedding weekend for my brother-in-law's wedding. What a great time we had in our own special box seats!

Our sweet boy loves all sports and hoping to play soccer again or maybe t-ball with his pals this Fall! If you have photos of your family at sports games, please share!! :) I'd love to see them! 
Jack with the Lookout's mascot.
One more cute shot of Jack & the team's mascot...I can't remember her name, but Jack loved giving her snuggles & high-fives!

Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Welcome to the world, Max!

After 9 months of anxiously awaiting our 2nd baby to arrive, I'm happy to report, he's finally here! Ten toes, ten fingers, healthy with a head full of hair, I'm thrilled to introduce Max Stephen Prose! :)

We are totally in love especially big brother, Jack. He loves kissing his little "peanut" Max! 

Meeting Max for the first time! 
"I'll always protect you baby Max," says Jack. My heart melted. 
Our first family photo!
We had so many wonderful visitors to the hospital and it has continued through out our first week home! Thank you to all our fantastic friends and family that made it to visit and/or sent flowers, cards and food!

Heading home from the hospital! We can't wait to see big brother Jack! 

As soon as we get settled, I will share more pictures, very soon, I promise! Again, so much love to our friends and family for your continued support and love as we bring home our little peanut! Until then, here's one last photo of our newest angel... He is a smiley one! Always smiling in his sleep!

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Final weeks of Baby Bump!

Ok, ok, so I've missed a few weeks, but we've been busy and I've been feeling VERY pregnant and huge! My final weeks with this giant baby bump have arrived!

On the bright side, I'm sharing some adorable photos of Jack's Big Brother class he attended a couple weeks ago! It was so sweet to watch and he's very excited to be our big helper when baby arrives!

The older siblings-in-training were given dolls to hold, burp and even change diapers! It was super cute!

Our big boy received his diploma and proved ready to be a BIG Brother!! We treated him to ice cream after class! ;) 

Now for the final weeks of my baby bump! We'll be going in for delivery at 39 weeks, so here are the last 2 week's photos! 

Check out that big-cheesy smile!! 

We are anxious and excited to meet our little baby MAX! Yes, baby Prose finally has a name!! It's been a roller coaster pregnancy with all that we've had going on, but we are truly blessed and grateful to be adding to our family! 

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Quick 4th of July project!!

I had an itch to do some festive decorating in my house (two weeks from having a baby, crazy; I know!) but I just wanted to make the house feel festive for Independence Day! I hang decorations for most holidays, so I really had to make this one easy and quick to do!

Thanks to Target, I found some patriotic foam stars in the Dollar Spot & my go-to project is always a simple garland! So, that's what I made! :) 

This simple garland took me about 5 minutes!

I used a simple zig zag stitch. 

After sewing, just hang and enjoy! :)

Friday, June 27, 2014

Emotional "Nesting" Confessions

We are nearing the end of this pregnancy. I'm thankful. I'm anxious. I'm nervous and very emotional. All "normal" feelings, right?? I hope so!

At our very first prenatal appointment months ago, my doctor said to me, "don't worry about feeling like you can't love the second as much as your first absolutely will, you'll see!" How did she know this thought was crossing my mind?

Oh, how that question has been on my mind ever since...especially lately! Just the other night, I burst into tears as I was folding baby clothes. Not just any clothes, JACK'S first little clothes!! The very little jammies we brought him home in, I was holding in my hands as I teared up and cried!! How was it possible that he grew from that newborn size to the perfect little-3-year-old he is now? The time flew by in a blink, everyone said it would...and now we're about to start all over with a new baby, but why am I so teary and sad?

I'm worried about being away from Jack while in the hospital. I am nervous that Jack will miss being our "only child" and resent his baby brother. I worry that I won't remember how to care for an infant!!?! I'm hopeful that it is just pregnancy hormones getting the best of me, and that, once we hold this little "peanut" we've been waiting for, my anxiety and worry about having two babies...will just melt away.

I wanted to share my "nesting confessions" in hopes that I find out that... (a.) I'm not crazy for feeling anxious about becoming a mom of 2 and (b.)I'm not alone!  :) Please tell me I'm not crazy?? If not, just humor me! :)

In any case, I'm cherishing these last few weeks with Jack, just he and I. We're so blessed to have this time together. I can't thank my husband enough for working hard to make it possible. I do my best to remind him daily, how grateful I am.

We'll be meeting our "little peanut" in a few short weeks. Nesting will continue as I'm sure my emotional outbursts, but we are very excited to welcome our baby soon. :)

If you have advise to share about this, please do so! Email me or comment below!

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Baby Sprinkle for Baby Prose #2!

My fabulous friends put on a beautiful little party to celebrate Baby Prose #2! These hostesses were amazing! Delicious food, perfect details and the most fun games, I think everyone had a wonderful time! I didn't want it to end! :) Baby Prose #2 is already loved and I felt so special to have amazing family and friends come to celebrate!

Perfect details! The dessert table complete with candy station, cookies and of course cake!

How adorable is this ombre cake?? 

One of the games was writing us little late night messages on diapers! I can't wait to start to reading these for a late night laugh!!! So much fun!!! 

Baby Prose got the cutest little outfits! I'm getting very excited to dress up another little man! :) Our friends and family were so generous with the most thoughtful gifts for us! My heart was full!

One of the sweetest moments of the shower, was when my sweet friend Erica asked to feel the baby move. Not only did she have the sweetest reaction, but my sister-in-law caught the moment on camera! As you'll see in the pictures below, her excitement to feel the baby move is followed by shock, then sweet emotional tears of joy! :) Priceless. 

A big thank you to my family and friends who drove from all over the state to come to the baby sprinkle! 

My sister Taylor and my Mom drove over from Orlando! 

My mother-in-law, Teresa drove in from New Port Richey & my sister-in-law, Brie drove from Jacksonville to celebrate Baby Prose!  

There aren't enough words to express my gratitude to my friends for working together to plan such a perfect party! To all the wonderful women in my life that took time from their day to come celebrate our baby boy, I love you all and appreciate your love and friendship!