Sunday, October 16, 2016

Chick-Fila Moms Panel

Hey guys!! Some pretty exciting stuff is happening for Prose & Company & I wanted to share the news with you!!

You know that delicious and popular chicken joint, Chick-fila?

They have invited me to join their Mom's Panel! As a member of the Mom's Panel, I will participate in upcoming promotions, share announcements and events, and join the discussion for improving Chick-fil-a's already wonderful family friendly menu!

I am honored to have been chosen and very excited to participate with this wonderful organization!!

Be sure to check back and follow along on my FB page for more updates and exciting news to roll out soon!

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Start of School Interview

Photo credit: Tammie Bishop 

Our house has started a whole new routine. Our new Kindergartener is enjoying his new school! Mommy and little brother, we are still hanging out in big brother's room, counting down the minutes until pick up time! We miss our Jack.

Photo credit: Tammie Bishop 

To mark the start of school I wanted to interview Jack with some questions to save in his journal. I will be so curious to see how much his opinions and thoughts will change after his year of Kindergarten, if at all!

To read the whole story, hop on over to Mommy Spot Tampa Bay! I also made a cute printable to share, so you can do this fun interview with your kiddos!

Photo credit: Tammy Bishop 

I hope the school year is starting out great for each of you!! Don't forget to print out your interview page! I'd love to hear about your kiddo interviews too! :)

Tuesday, August 30, 2016


My friends, I'm about to share something with you, that will rock your world!!!!

Looking to shake up your wardrobe with out breaking the bank? Keep reading and I'll fill you in!! I promise, it's good!! There's something in it for you too!!! :)

I am an accessories junkie. It's very rare that I don't have a necklace around my neck, or two and a simple bangle to dress up my casual, Mom-on-the-go uniform of shorts or skinny jeans and my simple Gap tee. I've got my favorite accessories that I wear often, but I like to switch things up...which is why Rocksbox is amazing!!! Every gal who likes to accessorize but hates the hefty price tags that follow, will love Rocksbox!

Rocksbox, is a designer jewelry subscription other words, pretty little packages delivered to your door with a selection of high-end jewelry {I'm talking Kendra Scott , Gorjana, Perry Street and more} curated by a stylist, just for you each month! YES!!!! No more shopping with the kiddos pulling at your legs while you try to decide what will work for that upcoming date night!!

With Rocksbox, you can refresh your looks with new pieces each month, for a flat $19! That's less then the cost of one designer piece, you might only wear a few times!!! You can try new and trendy styles and then switch them up when you want something new! Fall in love with a necklace and can't bear to send it back, no problem! You can purchase the piece with a major discount and it's yours to keep! Loving it, right??

So, you want to see what came in my first, Rocksbox this month??

This Rayne Necklace by Kendra Scott has to be my favorite! 
I've been wearing this Gorjana necklace, everyday!

Three, gorgeous pieces arrived on my doorstep, wrapped in this cute little box and pink ribbon! I was gushing just looking at the presentation! I love a good, present-ation! (wink!) My first set came with: 
  • A Kendra Scott, Rayne Necklace (Currently at Nordstrom for $80)
  • A Gorjana Taner Bar Necklace (retails for $50)
  • A pair of Tessa Drops by Margaret Elizabeth (retails for $189

Once I unwrapped this adorable package, I was pleasantly surprised to find my stylist had selected some pieces from my wish list {which you'll make, once you join} and the third piece, gorgeous earrings I can't wait to wear for my upcoming birthday!! 

Now, here is the exciting part for you!! I've partnered with Rocksbox, to share this awesome service with you, my Prose & Company readers.... you get a FREE month to try this out for yourself!  

Use the code : ProseandCoxoxo at check out and viola, a FREE month to try a new trend you've been seeing or just plan for a special event coming up! There's no obligation if it's not for you, so why not give it a try? 

You will love it though & I'd love to see your pictures when your little Rocksbox arrives! :) I'll be sharing more pictures from my Rocksbox on Instagram, so be sure to follow along! 

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Saturday, August 13, 2016

Oympic Fever

We've got Olympic Fever over here!! I've always loved the Olympics. Maybe it's because, I still remember my 10 year old self, wishing to be Kerri Strug from the '96 Olympics! I still get excited to watch the US Women's Gymnastics show their skills at each Olympics! To attend the Olympic Games, is something on my bucket list! Who knows, maybe one day I'll be there cheering on one of my boys in a sport of their own! :)  

Jack, is really excited about the Olympics this year & of course, we share that in common! So, when he asked us to DVR the games for him to watch during the day, we were all about it!!! 

In honor of the Olympic Games and wrapping up our Summer Break, I wanted to do some fun crafts with the boys! It was messy, but oh so fun!! Check out the fun afternoon we had making our very own medals and our own Olympic flags! 

Olympic Medals-

To make your own medals, you'll need the following:
Blue, Black, Red, Yellow and Green paint {I like using a washable tempera paint, find a similar one here}
Yellow or Gold card stock
Paint brush
Patriotic ribbon

Jack is concentrating hard on making his rings on the medal! He was really into this project!! 

After waiting for the paint to dry, {and a snack break} we were able to put our medal together. We glued the card stock to the ribbon so it would hang nicely on his chest. BAM! We just won GOLD! :)

Olympic Flag 

To make the Olympic flag, we used the tempera paint and white card stock. We used hand prints as our rings on the flag! This was a tad bit messy with a curious toddler, but fun none the less! 

 Max giggled each time I painted his hand for the next color! I only wish I could have grabbed video! I used the timer on the camera to catch this shot! :)

And this is where things got a little messy! A quick run to the sink to clean up before I had a 2 year old paint a mural on my kitchen walls! LOL!

We had a blast making these Olympic crafts and I hope you will too! We are rooting for Team USA and hope for more GOLD medals this week!

Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Great Outdoors with Family

Woah... Is it just me, or did the Summer fly by? There's one last weekend before school begins for us, and if you're looking for a quick little getaway with the family, hope on over to The Mommy Spot Tampa to check out my latest post!

I'm sharing some of our favorite spots to visit for some good 'ole fun, in The Great Outdoors with Family!

Hope it's been a wonderful Summer! For me, bittersweet as we get ready for Kindergarten over here, but more on that later!! XO!

Sunday, June 26, 2016

The Place For a Sweet Summer || The Cotton Candy Palace

What's big, fluffy, sweet and oh so yummy??? Cotton Candy!!! {Well, my sweet yummy little boy too, but we'll focus on the cotton candy for now!}

Particularly, cotton candy from The Cotton Candy Palace!! Haven't heard of them?? Let me introduce you! They are the newest and sweetest addition in Hyde Park Village. A very cool business with the sweetest owner, Priscilla and her team are currently the newest pop-up shop to take residence in the village for the Summer!

So, what makes this cotton candy so special, you ask? This hand-spun royal treat is all natural, gluten free, made with no preservatives, no artificial coloring, and GUILT FREE, with only 60 calories per cotton candy cone!!! How can this be?? Leave it to a "momprenuer" to develop a delicious treat like this! The owner's 1 year old baby girl was the inspiration behind the business. Determined to find ways to help her baby's developing food allergies, the idea for this sweet treat was born!

This giant ball of cotton candy perfection, was obviously a hit with my boys!! This mama was only lucky to snag ONE bite from each of their flavors! From the mouth of my babes, Mango and Grape were their favorite flavors, but you can find a huge selection of gourmet flavors! Plus, rumor has it... they are launching two new flavors, Pina Colada and Chocolate Raspberry!! 

Hungry for some cotton candy yet?? We'll meet you there! ;) You can find The Cotton Candy Palace in Hyde Park Village {next door to Color Me Mine} until August!!! Can't get down to the pop-up before then? Visit their website here to plan an event with one of their royal experiences for your next party!!

Go get some cotton candy!! And hoping you're all having a very sweet Summer!! 

Wednesday, June 15, 2016

The Penpal Project

My baby, my oldest, my smart and kind little boy is graduating from PreK. I have been a whirlwind of emotions lately. Listening to my sweet, sweet boy practice his songs and recite his lines for the performance of his life right now, just brings this Mama to tears, happy ones, mostly ;). I'm very proud, but very, very sad that we are already here. I swear, I was just teaching him to say his first words....

If you know me, I'm sobbing right now, trying to transition into what should be a happy post. Back to it! {sniff, as I grab my Kleenex!}

My Jack, loves his friends. He is always thinking of others and sending postcards when we travel. So, I wanted to think of a simple way that he could keep in touch with his pals from school. He's developed some wonderful friendships over the years and now he's made some great friends in Preschool. It's been such a joy to watch him develop these friendships and I wanted to encorage him, to keep in touch! Plus, it's a sneaky way to keep him practicing writing words {Sshhhh, don't tell him that part!} So, I created the Penpal Project!!

After talking with a few other Moms, they loved the idea! So, I sent a letter to all the parents and created this simple template for each of the kids to have, making it super simple {for parents} to dig out with a box of crayons and write their friends a letter! :) I complied addresses and shared with the participating families!

Let the Penpal Project, begin!

I had a penpal one Summer as a child and loved it! I hope my boy loves it too! Email, texts, and social media apps aren't going anywhere, but let's bring back the art of writing good 'ole fashion letters!!! :)

Love the idea? Download the Penpal template & start your own Summer of penpal writing! Choose a family member or a friend, across the country and surprise them! Your little ones will love checking the mail in anticipation for their own mail! Happy Summer & happy writing! :)