Baby Bump keeps growing!!

Our little "peanut" (as Jack likes to call the baby) keeps growing and so does my belly!

If you missed Part 1 of my growing baby bump, you can read it here! Otherwise, here are some more pictures of my growing bump, although it feels more like a little bowling ball, getting heavier as the weeks go on!

We got a little surprise as we went for our "20 week" sonogram visit... We were told that the baby was measuring big, so much so, that the doctor felt comfortable moving up my due date! Our new due date...July 16th! Yikes!! So, 20 weeks, turned into 22 weeks! And...the much anticipated 'gender scan' indeed confirmed that we are having another little BOY! Most of our friends & family learned at at the gender reveal party, but we were anticipating the "20 week appointment" for a confirmation!! More on our Gender Reveal Party later!!!

At our 26 week doctor visit, my regular doctor, confirmed I was indeed measuring big, but didn't want to change the due date like the previous doctor! So...surprise again!!! We are back to a due date of July 23rd. We all felt more comfortable with this anyway, the earlier due date just seemed SO soon! {It was only a week apart, but it gave us a little anxiety anyway!!} But this way, we'll be comfortable knowing the baby will be fully developed by delivery time! Countdown is on! 12 more weeks to go! 

So, baby Prose #2, we are still scrambling for a name, your brother still thinks your a girl, but we are very excited to welcome you to the family, whenever you make your grand entrance! :) 

Onto the third and final trimester! :)